Olga N is a Singer/Songwriter, co-founder of Parallel Sound Group, traveler, former radio DJ. She was born in Russia. At the early age Olga fell in love with music. When she was 12, she wrote her first song for the local music contest. Because of her desire to write songs, Olga signed up for guitar lessons at the age of 15. Same year she started working as a radio DJ at the local radio station. Radio was her other passion for many years.

On her 20th birthday, Olga made her friends a promise that one day she'll get a Grammy award. Maybe it sounded naive or silly, but this promise motivated her to move to United States in order to pursue happiness and make her dreams come true.

Olga lived in Boston for many years. She was singing in different bands, and then decided to start a solo career. She co-founded Parallel Sound Group, a one-stop service for Boston's musician community. It gave her an opportunity to record her own songs. She independently released a debut album and 5 singles. As Parallel Sound was offering a video production service, Olga got a chance to make a few music videos for herself.

In 2015, Olga decided to move to Florida, which she calls her Paradise. On 7/27/2018, Olga released a new single “Life’s like a casino (Paradise)”. She dedicated this song to the state of Florida, and also to all people around the world.

Olga’s music is what you can call “Songs from the heart”, and when you listen to it you just can’t be left indifferent.

Currently, Olga N is working on her new album, so stay tuned.


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